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Armistice Day 2015

Posted 11/11/2015

Today is Armistice Day and yesterday I was lucky enough to look at and hold one of the poppies from last year’s famous exhibition at the Tower of London.   Thank you so much to the lovely friend who showed it to me.  I had seen them in their thousands on the television but up close I was impressed by the quality and craftsmanship.  The exhibition was a

magnificent gesture by the artist and organisers.

Much has happened since The Three Uncles was published in August 2014.  At the time I thought I would simply organise the book launch then get started on some other project.  However the book continued to take me on this remarkable journey. Since then I have been invited to an Armistice Day 2014 function at NZ Parliament,  invited to speak at Auckland Libraries during ANZAC week and also was honoured to be opening speaker at a two day commemoration event in Gloucestershire in June 2015.  I’ve been interviewed on the radio and appeared in the newspaper.  Most precious of all I have reconnected with far away family and even met new family members for the first time.  Also I must mention all the fascinating and friendly people I have met and got to know on my travels.  It has been an adventurous journey that I am very appreciative of.

Today I will remember.  And be grateful for the sacrifice a generation of my ancestors made for me and mine.